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Art of Healing Retreat - IBIZA Yoga

Almond Blossom Sanctuary


Almond Blossom Sanctuary welcome you to "The Art of Healing Ibiza Retreat”- transformational getaway dedicated to journey within.

It is holistic program designed for you to experience: guided multi levelled transformation as you practice Cellular Detoxification, nourishment and empowerment on all levels, letting go of the past and consciously creating your future, harmony and clarity within

"The Art of Healing _ Ibiza Retreat" created for a private group of 5-8 guests and takes place once per month, with only 6 powerful immersion retreats scheduled for 2018 and a handful of Bespoke Retreats available throughout the year on one-to-one basis or for a small group of 2-4 guests.

Although our signature retreats are a group experience, the approach is ultimately bespoke for each and everyone. Wonder how, join us to find out..

It is proven to be incredibly effective for people who lack self love, facing burn out, need to detoxify Body and Mind, have desire to loose unhealthy weight and keep it off, recovering from a break up, going through transitional life periods, dealing with a loss of a loved ones, trying to break through from toxic environment, battling disordered eating habits, reversing health condition such as Acne, PCOS, Infertility, Thyroid Imbalances, Eczema, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Cancer, Lyme and many more.

It is suitable for both:
-man and woman
-from the age of 16-75
-individuals and couples
-family members and group of friends
-athletes, entrepreneurs, artist, musicians, managers, CEO’s and
-anyone who desire to be the best version of themselves

Almond Blossom is a symbol for new beginning and transformation. Let us guide your blossoming from the inside Out -

- SOUL -
- suitable for all levels of practices -

a dive into the unconscious combined with deep relaxation -
powerful session combined with aromatherapy (includes Tibetan bowls, hang, crystal bowls and many more rare high vibrational instruments )

- MIND -
- 6 - 8 hours of Personal and Business Coaching daily

-helping to strengthen Self Love and establish Healthy Boundaries
-identify and overcome fears, Codependancy, PTSD (releasing symptoms)
-dealing with burn out and it is future prevention

-facilitate session of individual energy work

- BODY -
- Supervised Juice Fasting or 2 Raw / Cooked Vegan Meals a Day
with a wide variety of Freshly Prepared Juices

- Includes an Evaluation of your Health History + Personalised Herbal Protocol for your Post Retreat Detoxification Journey

-The Science of Iridology shines the light on the Physical and Mental Strengths, Weaknesses and your Genetic Make-Up.

At The Evaluation you will be guided on how to Detoxify and Regenerate you Body and Mind on the Cellular Lever



Situated in the heart of Balearic islands. Due to Es Vedra, Ibiza is the third most magnetic spot in the world thus welcoming you with its powerful and loving healing energy. At our Almond Blossom Sanctuary no day is the same.

Our luxurious home splits into 2 parts.

The main house has 3 sumptuous double bedrooms, all en‐suite. A beautiful white kitchen diner leads down into the large chic lounge, where you can enjoy the stunning view through the large glass windows.

Downstairs there is another stylish self contained space, complete with 3 more bedrooms, 2 of which are doubles, along with 1 twin room. Two of the bedrooms are ensuite, while the third one has its own private bathroom with shower and a large bath.


-Daily Yoga (Hatha, Ying and Yang styles)
-Daily Guided Meditation including Yoga Nidra session
-Daily Pranayama (Breathwork), various types including advance practices
-Daily Coaching
-You Own Daily Detox Program supported by Detox Consultation and Iridology Assessment
-Sound Healing Session
-Special Blind Yoga session
-Art Class
-Creative Journaling Workshop
-Love Chair
-Heart Opening
-Shamanic Circle
-Uncooking Workshop
-Special unforgettable last Dinner together with surprise
-Complementary Airport Transportation
-7 nights accommodation in our breathtaking Sanctuary overlooking the sea and supported by Es Vedra (3rd most magnetic place in the world)


-available upon request and only services not included in the price

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8 days Retreat - 16 Jun - 23 Jun 3 spots left
Shared double room
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7 days Retreat - 06 Oct - 12 Oct 3 spots left
Shared double room
€3,450.00 x
€4,800.00 x
8 days Retreat - 03 Nov - 10 Nov 3 spots left
Shared double room
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Retreat program

See Description section for Retreat program

-Yoga Nidra - guidance mediation to manifest your dreams
-Post Retreat PDF Guidance for your future Post Retreat Detoxification Journey
-Uncooking Workshop
-Creative Journaling Workshop
-Art Therapy Class
-Blind Yoga Class
-Heart Opening
-Love Chair
-Quantum Energy Workshop

There will be plenty of time to spend by yourself & reflect - and if it feels right, write in the beautiful journals provided to you as a gift. Visit our in store boutique filled with hand picked transformational books, yoga / meditation / wellness essentials along with hand made ready to wear and jewellery made by local artisans. Try our vegan cosmetic range, not tested on animals.


As a part of the farewell celebration we have organised a special Closing Ceremony / Final Dinner, which includes other surprises.



Ruby is Ibiza based Holistic Detoxification Specialist & Health Educator, helping people heal themselves naturally and medication free. After almost a decade of traveling and working worldwide as a Fashion Model, Ruby graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. in the United States and works with clients worldwide. Ruby's great passion is to help bring the body into a state of healing through Cellular Detoxification and fasting, and she is exceptionally professional at it. With calmness and patience, she takes on her clients

and guides them gently on their path. With a lot of fun and high knowledge she teaches you how enjoyable and easy it is to be able to treat your body with respect and responsibility, in order to achieve incredible and long lasting results in healing and body shape.

Ruby will be preparing your raw food meals and juices, which are by far one of the seven wonders of the world.


Having spent over a decade in the diamond industry, in London, Ksenia's desire for fulfilment drove her traveling and searching for her life mission. Now Ibiza based yoga and meditation teacher, Ksenia's passion is helping others reconnect with themselves.

As a graduate from Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas, she is certified in Ayuverdic Yoga Therapy, Classic Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Over the last few years, Ksenia developed passion for Yin Yoga - a practice of surrendering and fusion of yoga and meditation. It facilitates acceptance of the present moment, emotional release and letting go of what is no longer needed. Ksenia will lead your daily inner journey discovering your greatness.

Ksenia holds the space in order for you to feel loved, accepted and understood. Her energy is like an energetic ray of light which inspires you to raise you own energy and start a loving relationship with yourself.


In her past professional life as an Embryologist Nina has seen how energy and life evolve from their earliest stage. Certified Quantum Energy & Life Awareness Coach, she now works with clients around the globe, while based in Ibiza.

As your Mental Trainer, Nina helps you address the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Codependency, which she experienced herself and therefore truly understand what it entails to heal.

If the trauma steams from your childhood or if it happened later in life, you will be guided on the road to recovery by establishing healthy boundaries thus shifting those limiting belief systems and habits.

We know Nina will be honest with you. The caring sense of authority within her enables Nina to keep her clients accountable whenever they are not authentic or true to themselves. Nina's electric soul invites you to be the best you can, here and now.

Company Information

On our transformational journey all 3 of us have been searching for a place like Almond Blossom Sanctuary - a place of Symbiosis of Healing on all levels, focusing on your personal needs.

Allow us to share with you, the real Ibiza. Our unique team of therapists, healers, artists & craftsman was chosen by us and they truly represent the energy and spirit of the island.


MAGICAL ISLAND OF IBIZA is situated in the heart of Balearic islands. Due to Es Vedra, Ibiza is the third most magnetic spot in the world thus welcoming you with its powerful and loving healing energy.


Sian | | 12-02-18
"Growing up, I never quite felt I belonged. From the moment I found Almond Blossom Sanctuary on Instagram, I just needed to come. Nina, Ksenia and Ruby, I would go as far as to say that the three queens saved my life. You have reassured me that everything I already know in my heart is my truth and should be embraced."Love, Sian
James | | 12-01-18
"I came to learn about fasting but left with more than I could imagine! Body and mind fully recharged, feeling better than ever. There are no adjectives to describe how amazing the 3 girls are. Hope I can make regular trips to the retreat part of my life. Thank you so much!, James
Mair | | 12-01-18
"This week has shifted every aspect of my being. Thank you for holding my tears, my fears and my heart in your hands and allowing me the space to find that it all begins with me. You have changed everything!I am eternally grateful, Mair
Julie | | 12-01-18
"Because of you, in just a week I have learned so many lessons, healed so many wounds and changed the way I look at things. Each of you is so talented and together you make a perfect combination. These 7 days will leave an impact on my heart forever. Thank you. I love you and hope to see you soon!. "With Love, Julie
Kuhn | | 12-01-18
"I am truly amazed by the magic the three of you created on this island. Your souls are some of the kindest, most sparkling ones I have encountered my whole life, and I won't ever be able to put the gratitude I feel into words. Lately I felt incredibly lost and this week provided everything I was longing for and much more ... Deep conversations, long hugs, heartwarming talks and gentle self-empowerment. Thank You. I love you, Angela Kuhn