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Art of Healing Retreat - IBIZA Yoga

Almond Blossom Sanctuary


Join us for a 7 day long experience of guided transformation, as we practice Cellular Detoxification of the BODY + MIND + SPIRIT. Personalised transformational program, which will be unfolding itself within a small private group setting, guided by 3 exceptional specialists in the field.

All activities are optional as You are our main focus therefore Your personal journey should be guided by no other but you. We are there to guide and support you along the way. Almond Blossom is a symbol for new beginning and transformation. Let us guide your blossoming from the inside out.


DAILY YOGA + MEDITATION + PRANAYAMA: Breathwork suitable for all levels of practice
SPECIAL SESSION of YOGA NIDRA: A dive into the unconscious combined with deep relaxation
FOLLOWED BY SOUND & FREQUENCY HEALING: An experience of self discovery

ONE ON ONE DAILY MENTORING: On any subject relevant to you in the present moment
GROUP INFORMATIONAL SESSIONS: Releasing Past Traumas + Understanding and Establishing Healthy Boundaries Self Love

PERSONALISED DETOX MENU & HERBAL PRESCRIPTION: Some of you will be Juice Fasting and some eating + 2 Raw Food Meals a Day with a Juice Breakfast
ONE ON ONE DETOX CONSULTATION: Includes an Evaluation of your Health History + Iridology Evaluation + Personalised Herbal Protocol for your Post Retreat Detoxification Journey


Situated in the best sunset spot of Ibiza, our contemporary villa consist of 5 bright and spacious bedrooms with en suite, luxury pool area and outdoor dining area.


Price per person includes shared double room, full board (brunch, dinner, health snacks and drinks) and all activities
Airport collection & drop off included
Bring a friend and pay less
Prices for single rooms on request


Additional beauty & wellness package available upon request (only services not included in price)
Holistic Fitness
Karmic Numerology
Colonic irigation
Out of this world massages & facial

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8 days Retreat - 17 Mar - 24 Mar 3 spots left
Shared double room
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8 days Retreat - 07 Apr - 14 Apr 6 spots left
Shared double room
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€4,500.00 x
8 days Retreat - 19 May - 26 May 6 spots left
Shared double room
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€4,500.00 x
8 days Retreat - 16 Jun - 23 Jun 6 spots left
Shared double room
€3,200.00 x
€4,500.00 x

Retreat program

See Description section for Retreat program

POST RETREAT PDF GUIDANCE: for your Post Retreat Detoxification Journey
ART THERAPY CLASS: Based on Sacred Geometry & Crystals where you will paint your
very own mandala which you can take away as a souvenir

There will be plenty of time to spend by yourself & reflect - and if it feels right, write in the beautiful journals provided to you as a gift. Visit our in store boutique filled with hand picked transformational books, yoga / meditation / wellness essentials along with hand made ready to wear and jewellery made by local artisans. Try our vegan cosmetic range, thus not tested on animals.

As a part of the farewell celebration we have organised a special Closing Ceremony / Final Dinner, which includes a Live Concert and Heart Melting Magic Shows, with a few other surprises.



Ruby is Ibiza based Holistic Detoxification Specialist & Health Educator, helping people heal themselves naturally and medication free. After almost a decade of traveling and working worldwide as a Fashion Model, Ruby graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. in the United States and works with clients worldwide.

Ruby's great passion is to help bring the body into a state of healing through Cellular Detoxification and fasting, and she is exceptionally professional at it. With calmness and patience, she takes on her clients and guides them gently on their path. With a lot of fun and high knowledge she teaches you how enjoyable and easy it is to be able to treat your body with respect and responsibility, in order to achieve incredible and long lasting results in healing and body shape.

Ruby will be preparing your raw food meals and juices, which are by far one of the seven wonders of the world.


Having spent over a decade in the diamond industry, in London, Ksenia's desire for fulfilment drove her traveling and searching for her life mission. Now Ibiza based yoga and meditation teacher, Ksenia's passion is helping others reconnect with themselves.

As a graduate from Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas, she is certified in Ayuverdic Yoga Therapy, Classic Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation. Ksenia will lead your daily inner journey discovering your greatness.

Ksenia holds the space in order for you to feel loved, accepted and understood. Her energy is like an energetic ray of light which inspires you to raise you own energy and start a loving relationship with yourself.


In her past professional life as an Embryologist Nina has seen how energy and life evolve from their earliest stage. Certified Quantum Energy & Life Awareness Coach, she now works with clients around the globe, while based in Ibiza.

As your Mental Trainer, Nina helps you address the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Codependency, which she experienced herself and therefore truly understand what it entails to heal. If the trauma steams from your childhood or if it happened later in life, you will be guided on the road to recovery by establishing healthy boundaries thus shifting those limiting belief systems and habits.

We know Nina will be honest with you. The caring sense of authority within her enables Nina to keep her clients accountable whenever they are not authentic or true to themselves. Nina's electric soul invites you to step up and be the best you, here and now.

Company Information

We are here to help you regain your power & continue thriving.

On our transformational journey all 3 of us have been searching for a place like Almond Blossom Sanctuary - a place of Symbiosis of Healing on all levels, focusing on your personal needs.

Allow us to share with you, the real Ibiza. Our unique team of therapists, healers, artists & craftsman was chosen by us and they truly represent the energy and spirit of the island.


MAGICAL ISLAND OF IBIZA is situated in the heart of Balearic islands. Due to Es Vedra, Ibiza is the third most magnetic spot in the world thus welcoming you with its powerful and loving healing energy.


Laura Cherry, 28, Dancer & Health Coach, Cherry Vitality | | 20-03-17
If I could describe fruit the way Ruby taught me “how to heal”, it would be devoured and appreciated right through to the core. Ruby has the knowledge and the keen determination to understand the true causes of illness through extensive research, passion, and the lifestyle of healing the body through detoxification. I have recovered from the symptoms of Morgellons disease including co-infections, parasites and candida. If you want to find the path and you are stuck, let Ruby guide you.
Anastasia, 45, journalist and author | | 20-02-17
"Ksenia is such a wonderful open, passionate and loving person. Her ability to approach people and lead them affectionately, make her an exceptionally good yoga theacher. Yoga with her is a wonderful experience, she understands how to pass on her ability and knowledge lovingly to her students and lead them back to their own essence of being. You feel save, protected and rooted from the first second you meet Ksenia. She helps you to reconnect to your body and she is able to motivate you sensitively to grow beyond yourself. To join her classes is a real pleasure, you feel loved, accepted and understood and you are ready to start a loving relationship with your own body."
Leila, 53, CEO | | 20-02-17
"Nina's clarity, wisdom and experience help you to rapidly transform from fear to trust and acceptance. She approaches her clients from spiritual, mental, isomeric and somehow loving directions. Her ability to see patterns, lessons and gifts in the most challenging situations is admirable and nevertheless inspiring."
Situl, 43, London | | 29-03-17
The whole trip exceeded my expectations. It was simply amazing! There were so many highlights - yoga, meditation and the counselling. If you like ice cream - this is the best place to come, it was simply divine. For me, the most important thing I learned for the first time to finally love myself. It is a place I finally connected my mind, body and soul. Would have no hesitation in coming back. I am already planning my next trip. Ruby, Nina and Ksenia are the most amazing kind hearted and full of love and laughter people I have ever met. Learned so much and I am now ready to take the new step in my life with unconditional love. To find inner piece.
Becky, 25, yoga teacher, Cornwall | | 29-03-17
To all you beautiful ladies, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for a truly special week. This experience totally exceeded all expectations- you all made me feel like I am exactly where I need to be. What a perfect combination of gifts you have shared with us. Every part of it has been my favourite. I feel totally refreshed in mind, body and spirit. So much love for you all and for everyone who shared this week ❤️
Jan, Slovenia | | 29-03-17
To infinite and Beyond.. This retreat was a birthday gift to myself and it was the best birthday ever. Thank you All for making this place like heaven with all unconditional love and awesome vibe. I will definitely return and I will never forget this amazing week. Thank you so much. It was MAGICAL. Thank you for the cake.
Matt, Amsterdam | | 29-03-17
This has bee such an amazing experience for me. Beyond a great job or client. I was an experience I never forget. I feel I have gained valuable lessons, insights and friends for life. I think that what you are doing is something very special. I mostly enjoyed how you offered so much but imposed nothing. You created a perfect environment for anyone regardless of age, sex or experience. Truly remarkable. I expect to see you all again. Until then, big hug and lots of love.